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Ralf Kesper on Down the valley Munnar...
Wonderful pittoresque plantation.

omid on Down the valley Munnar...
such beautiful composition & colors! Lovely place!

Existence Artistique on Down the valley Munnar...

Devi on Down the valley Munnar...
Beautiful tea gardens on the mountain slopes and the winding road...Aw!! I feel a wave of nostalgia sweeping over me....

Gary on The Karpaka Vinayakaar Temple
incredible building

omid on The Legend in Kathakali!
Wonderful portraits! Lovely colors!

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on The hollyhock beauty!
Cette rose trémière est superbe.

Existence Artistique on The Legend in Kathakali!
belles couleurs

Devi on The Karpaka Vinayakaar Temple
The Chettinadu Temples are very well maintained..We have visited a lot of them. The sculptures are great ! And, so the ...

Devi on The Legend in Kathakali!
a fabulous capture !!! I just love the image here !

omid on The Karpaka Vinayakaar Temple
such beautiful frame, colors & details! Amazing!

Devi on The Karpaka Vinayakaar Temple
a fabulous capture..Have been here thrice :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Existence Artistique on The Karpaka Vinayakaar Temple
bien les couleurs

Libouton Martine on The Karpaka Vinayakaar Temple
Superbe ce temple !!! Que de belles couleurs

Devi on ...a cup of Coffee!
I would love to have a cuppa...with cream and sugar of course :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Existence Artistique on ...a cup of Coffee!
bien vu

Harry on The fishing boats...
pretty composition

Ralf Kesper on The fishing boats...
Nice marina shot.

Devi on The fishing boats...
wow..what a lovely image.. Beautiful masts against the sky..the ducks on water and that bird in the sky ! Fantastic ...

Existence Artistique on The fishing boats...

Anne on The fishing boats...
and the ducks!

omid on An art-form with a lot of satire!
wonderful portrait!

Devi on An art-form with a lot of satire!
wonderful details and a great image...Thank you for the explanation..people always confuse this with KathakaLi :)))

Existence Artistique on An art-form with a lot of satire!
belles couleurs

omid on Over the sea!
such beautiful frame & colors! Amazing view.

Existence Artistique on Over the sea!

Devi on Over the sea!
That trail of water left by that boat beautifully captured !!! Have a nice weekend Mohan :)

Anne on Over the sea!

Mohanakumar on The symbol of divine love!
Thank you all for the lovely comments!

Ana Lúcia on The dedication!
Congratulations on the Color Spotlight.

Daniel on The dedication!

omid on The dedication!
Excellent portrait! Lovely colors! ... & Congratulations! :)

Devi on The hollyhock beauty!
wow..the buds and flower..lovely image here !!!

Existence Artistique on The hollyhock beauty!

Ralf Kesper on The hollyhock beauty!
Very nice!

ceteceva on Welcome to our garden!
S'il migre il viendra chez nous ce loriot !

ceteceva on The spirit of a village!
Quel équipage !

Babzy on The dedication!
Great portrait ! Congrats

Jaya on The hollyhock beauty!
It's Flying ! :-)

Devi on The colours of truth!
what a fantastic image here ! Love the sky with clouds and mountains !

Ralf Kesper on The colours of truth!
This HDR-colors are really nice.

Libouton Martine on The colours of truth!
Une très belle scène captée ! J'aime ta photo !

Existence Artistique on The colours of truth!
agréable complicité

Jaya on The colours of truth!
Yes !!! This shot is wonderful (& truthful !)

Magda on To peep through...
Adorable capture

Magda on The dedication!
Fabulous colours! Congratulations on the Spotlight

Existence Artistique on To peep through...
belle prise sous ces regards

Devi on To peep through...
Aw!! That's really cute !!!

Ralf Kesper on To peep through...
Good street caught.

Libouton Martine on To peep through...
Une très belle photo !!!

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